I. Identification of the vendor

Quetsche, a “société par actions simplifiée” (simplified joint stock company) with a share capital of EUR 6.000, listed under the Paris Trade and Companies Register under number 824 255 038, with a head office located at 189 rue d’Aubervilliers 75018 Paris – France.
Email: shop@quetsche.studio. VAT: FR95 824255038.

II. Scope and acceptance of the General Terms of Sale

The purchase of products offered on the website www.quetsche.shop is subject to these general terms of online sale (hereafter the “GTS”).
Quetsche products are exclusively intended to be sold to end consumers, natural persons or end customers legal entities, excluding all resellers or intermediaries acting on behalf of resellers. Consequently, the customer represents that he/she is acting as the end consumer and that he/she has no intention of reselling the Products for commercial purposes.

Quetsche can update these GTS at any time.

The customer can familiarise himself at any time with the version of the GTS then in force by clicking on the link https://www.quetsche.shop. The applicable GTS at the time of the conclusion of the sales contract are those that are enforceable to, and binding on, the customer.
Furthermore, with each purchase of products on the website, the customer shall be asked to confirm the acceptance of applicable GTS on the date of placing his/her order. Said GTS can be viewed at the time he/she is asked to confirm that he/she accepts them. To substantiate this acceptance, the Customer must check the box “I have read and hereby accept the General Terms of Sale of the quetsche.shop website”.

III. Terms of the Order

Any order placed on the Quetsche website shall imply express acceptance of the GTS and acceptance of the prices and Products available for sale on the Website.

Order process

The customer who wants to place an order must comply with the following procedure:

(i) Product choice: the customer must select the product that he/she would like to order.
(ii) Checking of the content of the customer’s selection: the customer checks the content of his/her basket whilst having the opportunity to delete the Products he/she has selected.
(iii) Identification: the customer must complete the identification form made available to him/her and provide the requested information (mandatory information: title, surname, first name or corporate name, email address, password, telephone number for the delivery).
(iv) Checking of the customer’s order: the customer checks the content of his/her order, the total price, the delivery, and invoicing addresses while keeping the possibility of deleting a product or modifying the invoicing or delivery address. The customer confirms his/her method of delivery and payment. The customer must confirm his/her acceptance of these GTS by checking the corresponding box. The validation of the order is only possible after having checked this box. From this step, the customer cannot anymore modify and/or cancel his/her order.
(v) Order acknowledgment of receipt: the customer receives an email summing up the content of his/her order, namely:
– His/her delivery and invoicing addresses
– The order number
– The date of the order
– The list of Products ordered and their amounts – The method of delivery (Client’s address)
The Customer is advised to keep and print this document, which is official proof of his/her order. The order is then registered and processed by Quetsche which checks the availability of the product(s) ordered. Any order placed implies acceptance of the prices and descriptions of the products available for sale.
(vi) Confirmation of shipping of the order: the customer receives an email summarising the content of his/her order and confirming the dispatch of the same. The contract is deemed to have been concluded on the date on which this email is sent.

Tracking of the order

A carrier tracking number is provided to the customer when his/her order has been confirmed.
If the customer wants to obtain information concerning the progress of his/her order, he/she may log onto the website of the carrier chosen by Quetsche, e.g.: UPS, at the address www.ups.com, and follow the transport of his/her parcel live. The customer furthermore receives information by email concerning the different stages of the processing and preparation process of his/her order until it is shipped.

IV. Product availability

The offers of products and prices of Quetsche are valid while they are visible on the website, and subject to stock availability. Errors or modifications can exceptionally occur, notably in the event of simultaneous orders of the same product by several customers.
In the event the Product is found unavailable after placing the order, Quetsche shall inform the customer by email or by telephone as soon as possible, by offering that he/she either order another product available on the website as a replacement or cancel his/her order at no cost.
Quetsche shall not be held liable in the event of stock shortage or unavailability of products for orders not yet accepted by Quetsche.
Quetsche reserves the right to change at any time and without prior notice, the products offered on the website.
To ensure a better quality of service and availability of its products with all of its online customers, Quetsche reserves the right to limit the number of products that can be bought by a given customer, this in accordance with the provisions applicable on the matter and notably those of Article L.121-11 of the French Consumer Code.
Although all efforts are made to ensure that the color and pattern of the products whose photos are displayed on the website are faithful to the original products, variations may occur, notably due to the technical limitations of color reproduction on the customer’s computer equipment. Consequently, Quetsche cannot be held liable for non-substantial errors or inaccuracies of photographs or graphic representations of products appearing on the website.
Quetsche reserves the right not to accept an order from a customer with whom it is in a dispute for a previous order, or if Quetsche reasonably considers that this customer has infringed these GTS or that he/she has been engaged in fraudulent activity, or for any other legitimate reason.